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Tasos Zavitsanakis

Head of Sustainable Finance Greater China

UBS APAC Sustainable Finance Office

Tasos, is Head of Sustainable Finance for Greater China within the APAC Sustainable Finance Office where he is responsible for driving Sustainable Finance business initiatives. His focus is on client and regulatory engagement, thought leadership development, capacity building, and forging strategic partnerships in the sustainability ecosystem. Tasos, specializes in Decarbonisation strategies supporting clients in formulating Credible and Just Transition Plans and Impact towards Net Zero. In addition, he leads UBS's global Carbon working group and has represented UBS in the global industry Taskforce for Voluntary Carbon Offset Markets and developing UBS’s Carbonplace infrastructure.


Speaker Session

15.55 - 17.00

Thematic Clusters

We all face common challenges on the road to scalable impact. This is your chance to learn from peers and experts working on the same thematic areas or operational sticking points. Choose your theme and draw on our collective intelligence to invite new perspectives and rapidly brainstorm solutions. Themes include: Youth Empowerment, Climate Investing, Intergenerational Poverty, China ESG, Emerging Markets, Sustainable Portfolios, etc.

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