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Christine Deschemin


UpNow Health

Hong Kong


Christine Deschemin's career has evolved from her initial role in rocket science, through international banking positions, to her current expertise in hypnotherapy. In her capacity as CEO and founder of UpNow Health, she skillfully integrates cutting-edge digital technology with behavioral therapy and clinical hypnosis to enhance health and well-being. Her most recent initiative, the EverCalm Menopause program, is designed to address the challenges of menopause, offering solutions for hot flashes, sleep disturbances, and anxiety. This initiative underscores Christine’s dedication to leveraging innovative digital therapeutics to improve life quality among a population long underserved.

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14.25 - 15.30 &
16.00 - 17.00

Thematic Clusters: Regions & Issues

Back by popular demand, we will break out into 12 table discussions - each exploring one theme or region. Choose from clusters such as Biodiversity, Sustainable Food, Oceans; spotlights on China or Southeast Asia; or delve into Active Ownership, Tackling Greenwashing or Operational Impact in family business. Hosted by subject experts, this is your time to share challenges, trade experiences and meet collaborators for your journey.

Specialist Topic : Scalable Mental Well-being Solutions

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