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Jeff Huang

Founder & CEO

AEX Markets

Hong Kong


Jeff is founder & CEO of AEX Markets based in Hong Kong. He is former Managing Director Greater China of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), VP Asia for Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), and was appointed Chief Advisor for Chongqing Gas Exchange. He’s also founder of AsiaREC Limited, a non-profit carbon standard in Hong Kong. Jeff has more than 10 years of experience in cross-border M&A, Joint Ventures and futures markets in the United States, covering spaces including exchanges, futures companies, financial software infrastructure, etc. Prominent deals he has led include the creation of the Tianjin Climate Exchange (a joint venture between CCX and CNPC/PetroChina), forming a JV for futures brokerage between Citic and Calyon (SocGen) and a fintech acquisition for SunGard.

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09:55 - 10:05

Tale of Purpose & Risk

Our Opening tale takes us across China, the US, Hong Kong & Singapore - a story of market creation by a carbon markets pioneer & seasoned finance professional. How can we redesign the intersection of verified carbon markets with traditional systems, while incentivising real-world impact? Now building one of Asia’s first blockchain-powered carbon registries, Jeff Huang draws on decades of M&A, futures & JV experience, including the early days of climate exchanges in Chicago, Tianjin and elsewhere. Let’s set our level of ambition: How will we dedicate 10+ years to mobilising systemic shifts with new models? What role can Asian families play?

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