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Robert Kim

Managing Director


South Korea


Robert is a Managing Director at JLIN, a mission-driven firm established by a professional basketball player Jeremy Lin to impact culture. JLIN operates in Asia and in the U.S. across four spheres - content creation, brand endorsements, investment management, and philanthropy. At JLIN, Robert has incubated an investment management company to invest in ventures led by founders who want to bless their stakeholders as ventures expand their influence. JLIN's work focuses on improving founders' wellness and leadership capacity as these two ingredients expand the founders' aptitude to bless others.

Robert also serves on the Board of Merry Year Social Company (MYSC), a Korea-based impact investor and accelerator with presence across Asia. He serves on the Investment Committee of Access Ventures, a U.S.-based foundation that has invested 100% of its endowment in impact investments. Prior to JLIN, Robert managed family offices at Caprock, a $12B multi-family office and a founding B-Corp member.

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10:25 - 11:05

Panel: How to Navigate Your Journey to Action

Most of us are clear on the why of impact investing, but the tougher question is how to navigate your first years of exploration, toward intentional and measurable impact over time. It typically takes several years to move from learning and exploring options to first investments or incubating projects

Hear two journeys - a pioneering international platform and mid-stage Asian investor - in defining personal focus, weighing opportunities and refining what works for them. How have they activated their impact across the capital spectrum and across ecosystems? How do we go from opportunistic to strategic? How to decide which asset classes and approaches are right for us at our stage - across funds, ventures, projects, platforms - and evolve along the way?

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