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Tim Parker

Founder & Chief Solutioneer

Circular City

Hong Kong


Tim Parker is a captivating speaker whose journey from engineer to educator to entrepreneur has led him to found Circular City, an award-winning green tech startup in Hong Kong. Specialising in helping venues and property management collaborate with F&B tenants to transition from disposables to smart returnable packaging systems, Tim is an expert in circular economy and reuse & return systems. His passion for sustainability is deeply personal, driven by a desire to leave a better world for his three-year-old son. Join Tim as he shares his inspiring story and practical insights, empowering audiences to embrace sustainability and drive positive change.

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12.00 - 12.30

Moonshot Ideas

Time for a rapid-fire mind stretch. We present two big ideas for any serious impact investor’s agenda - forward-looking and systemic shifts already at play. First, how can AI be used to amplify social impact, in specific, scalable ways? Hear from one of Hong Kong’s brightest purpose-led data scientists & founders, Sophiya Chiang. Second, how can behaviour-oriented circular solutions lead to systemic change?

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