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Hanson Gong


Oogway Capital



Hanson Gong is a family office impact investor and systems change agent. He is the Managing Partner at Oogway Capital, a family office investment vehicle focused on early stage private equity impact investing. The investment thesis focuses on systems change opportunities through private capital deployment in the areas of climate change, equity and inclusion and workforce development. He also heads a private family foundation, which enables him to use a blended finance approach and leverage catalytic capital. Hanson brings seven years of strategy and operation consulting experience at Deloitte Consulting working at Fortune 500 companies across the value chain from manufacturing, supply chain through retail. He was the inaugural Social Impact Fellow working with The Monitor Institute focusing on systems strategy. He holds a B.A. from Tufts University in Economics, Entrepreneurship and French and an M.B.A. and Sustainability Certificate from MIT Sloan.

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11.15 - 12.00

Panel: How to Invest Boldly in Uncertain Times

In today’s macro environment of uncertainty, Asian families are rightly cautious, leaning toward diversification and safer choices. Yet the climate crisis and other social issues demand our urgent & bold investment now. How do we balance our long-term ambition for impact with short-term needs?

Hear from three diverse perspectives: A seasoned sustainable investment group that has weathered market cycles and now seeds impact asset managers. A Next Gen principal’s story of evolving from VC investments to diversified portfolio to field-building. And a third-gen journey from an international gems family business to healthcare and education portfolios in Southeast Asia.

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