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June Nagao


Paulownia Group



June Nagao is focused on sustainable/cradle-to-cradle real estate with the goal of ecological sustainability via the built environment. After two decades in traditional finance and investments at institutions including GIC and Credit Suisse, she was introduced to impact investing and is now committed to moving her family’s portfolio into impact through its operations. Ms. Nagao is a board member of the Harvard Club of Japan, Harvard Alumni in IMPACT, and GONGOVA (a Thai rural development NPO founded by the late Professor Tatsuhiko Kawashima), and member of the Committee to Nominate Overseers and Elected Directors for the Harvard Alumni Association.

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14.25 - 15.30 &
16.00 - 17.00

Thematic Clusters: Regions & Issues

Back by popular demand, we will break out into 12 table discussions - each exploring one theme or region. Choose from clusters such as Biodiversity, Sustainable Food, Oceans; spotlights on China or Southeast Asia; or delve into Active Ownership, Tackling Greenwashing or Operational Impact in family business. Hosted by subject experts, this is your time to share challenges, trade experiences and meet collaborators for your journey.

Specialist Topic : Operational Impact in Family Business

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