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Junice Yeo

Executive Director & Head of ESG Intelligence




Junice is a senior executive specialised in corporate sustainability in Asia with 20 years of public and private sector experience in China and Southeast Asia.   As Executive Director of Eco-Business, she leads the organisation in providing news on ESG developments. She also heads up ESG Intelligence, focusing on research, advisory and capability building solutions.  She was previously Regional Director at global sustainability consulting firm – Corporate Citizenship. Previously a GRI-certified trainer, she has a CFA in ESG Investing and FSA Level I SASB Standards. She regularly delivers board briefings on regulatory developments, ESG strategy and integration, sustainable finance. Junice is also an external advisory member of the AIRBUS Executive Committee.   She previously served in trade and investment functions at the Embassy of Switzerland, and Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City. In early 2000s, Junice also led regional brand communications efforts for Singapore Tourism Board and for French multinational, Danone.

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Summit Host

It’s time to ramp up Asia’s role in transformative shifts for people and planet. What role will you play? We kick off by propelling you to an imagined future. This surprise storyteller invites you to imagine that world, full of crises & solutions, while we challenge you to envision your path to 2030.

Join us in an immersive day guided by our host Junice Yeo as we navigate HOW Capital Meets Purpose, delving deeper than SFi’s first Summit in 2023.

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