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Katy Yung

Managing Partner

Sustainable Finance Initiative

Hong Kong


Katy is Managing Partner of Sustainable Finance Initiative (SFi) (, a platform for Impact Investors and Experts "Where Capital Meets Purpose". Katy leads the strategic direction of SFi with a vision to mainstream Impact Investing in Asia via the group’s key areas of focus: SFi Circle (memberships), SFi Hub (unlocking capital) and SFi Education (training and upskilling) (

Katy has served as Director of Investment at RS Group, a HK-based family office focused on sustainability since 2010. She led the family office’s transition from a traditional investment portfolio to one that is 100% sustainably invested. Katy remains as consultant to RS Group.

Katy is formerly an investment banker at J.P. Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific) Limited and graduated from Duke University, NC.

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09:30 - 09:50

Opening: How Capital Meets Purpose

It’s time to ramp up Asia’s role in transformative shifts for people and planet. What role will you play? We kick off by propelling you to an imagined future. This surprise storyteller invites you to imagine that world, full of crises & solutions, while we challenge you to envision your path to 2030.

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