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Elisa Khong

Group Managing Director

KSK Society

Elisa Khong’s impact work spans leadership of non-profits, the use of media, impact investing, and philanthropy, covering themes of poverty alleviation, food insecurity, and animal welfare.

She is the group managing director of Kechara Soup Kitchen Society, the largest soup kitchen in Malaysia, who also operates a food bank and empowerment center.
She co-founded two impact media companies - My Forever Doggo, focusing on dogs as a window to promoting kindness, and, focusing on covering progress in the impact industry. She is also the executive producer for the Slay documentary, exploring the use of animals in the luxury fashion industry.

As an impact investor, she’s backed companies like that digitizes the performing arts industry, and plant-based businesses such as Green Rebel, Change Foods and One Good.

Elisa is also an active philanthropist. Together with her husband, she has donated, fundraised, and volunteered with a variety of organisations in Indonesia, Nepal and the United States.


Speaker Session


Your Commitments, Our Community

One more dose of inspiration as we wrap Day 1 - The Tale of Iteration reminds us that the pursuit of impact is fueled by ongoing experimentation. We’ll synthesize takeaways, share SFi’s priorities & crystallize your commitments in the next phase of movement building.

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