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Fernando Scodro


Grupo Baoba

Fernando Scodro is leading the ESG and impact investing arm of his family office, Grupo Baoba. The family built and exited Brazil’s second largest confectionary company as well as other vertically-related operations and currently have milling operations, a real estate portfolio and a fund of funds. Fernando devised an ESG integration strategy for all of his family’s assets and is currently implementing them across the portfolio starting with the VC and financial assets. On the venture capital side, the family builds on their background of owning food companies in Brazi and focuses its investments on technology companies related to the food and agriculture sector covering fintech, industry 4.0 and biotech. Fernando also sits on the Global Board of The ImPact.


Speaker Session

10.50- 11.35

Pathways to Impact

Hosted by The ImPact, panel featuring 3 different ways to inject purpose into Business, Investing & Philanthropy portfolios, with family enterprise leaders from distinct industries.

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