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Kiril Popov

Innovation Consultant

Eureka Nova

Kiril Popov is an innovation consultant at Eureka Nova and the founder of Faculty Ventures. At Eureka Nova, Kiril specializes in investments and venture development.
Previously, Kiril led programs and partnerships at Explorium, the innovation hub of Fung Group, and served as a senior analyst at Coresight Research, a US-based consumer research and advisory firm. In these roles, he collaborated with businesses to identify and cultivate growth opportunities within the consumer and supply chain sectors.
Kiril has a background in project and structured finance, and holds an MBA from New York University's Stern School of Business. He is passionate about using innovation and sustainable design principles to solve real-world problems.


Speaker Session

15.55 - 17.00

Thematic Clusters

We all face common challenges on the road to scalable impact. This is your chance to learn from peers and experts working on the same thematic areas or operational sticking points. Choose your theme and draw on our collective intelligence to invite new perspectives and rapidly brainstorm solutions. Themes include: Youth Empowerment, Climate Investing, Intergenerational Poverty, China ESG, Emerging Markets, Sustainable Portfolios, etc.

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