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Pearline Yum

Director of Operations

The ImPact

Pearline is the Director of Operations at The ImPact, a global network of families committed to making more impact investments more effectively. Pearline also works closely with families in Asia and is responsible for community management, partnerships, and ecosystem building in the region. Prior to graduate school and joining The ImPact, Pearline was a regulator with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, overseeing U.S. banks operating in Singapore. Pearline holds a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University, specializing in international finance and energy, and a BSc in Economics from the National University of Singapore. Pearline currently resides in Singapore.

Delving further into varied pathways to integrating impact, we explore three families' journey to creating impact through their investments, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. Hosted by The ImPact, we will hear more about the challenges and successes of how these families have approached building family alignment, setting up their family offices, and how they are pursuing impact through their investments and personal activities.


Speaker Session

10.50- 11.35

Pathways to Impact

Hosted by The ImPact, panel featuring 3 different ways to inject purpose into Business, Investing & Philanthropy portfolios, with family enterprise leaders from distinct industries.

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