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Poman Lo

Founding Managing Partner

AlphaTrio Capital

Poman Lo is the Vice Chairman of Century City International Holdings Limited
and Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Regal Hotels Group. She is the Founding Partner of AlphaTrio Capital, an Asian-focused sustainable technology fund empowering the next wave of green tech unicorns to provide disruptive solutions for the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. She serves as an Adjunct Professor, teaching sustainable business management at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and
founded the non-profit Institute of Sustainability and Technology to nurture the
next generation of ESG talent. She is the only person in Hong Kong to be awarded the “Outstanding Young Person Award of the World”, “Outstanding Young Person Award of Hong Kong”, and “Hong Kong Outstanding Student” by Junior Chamber International as well
as the first female Asian recipient of the “Oslo Business for Peace Award” by
the Business for Peace Foundation in Norway.


Speaker Session

15.45- 15:55

Tale of Collaboration

The Tale of Collaboration shines a spotlight on the importance of seeing the big picture, finding allies and working together to achieve scalable impact.

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