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Warren Luk


Good Lab

Warren serves as CEO of Good Lab, an award-winning non-profit social innovation Think-and-Do Tank in Hong Kong committed to fostering community participation and collaboration for social impact.

Driven by the conviction that every individual has the potential to be a changemaker, Warren has been at the forefront of numerous large-scale public and social sector innovation initiatives. In doing so, he has established ground-breaking cross-sector collaborations between community organisations, NGOs, and the Hong Kong government. With a fervent interest in civic engagement, Warren employs Design Thinking as a means to co-create with local communities, understand people's needs, and reconcile differing viewpoints among stakeholders. Moreover, Warren has led various social venture incubation and youth empowerment programmes, inspiring young changemakers and nurturing their innovative capacities.


Speaker Session

Day 2 : 15:45- 17:15

Day 2 Workshop
Track A

How to Design Community-Centred Pilots
Hands-on workshop with diverse perspectives, on how to stay grounded with end-users and communities, via co-creation methods and grassroots voices. Aims to reconnect investors with frontline experience.
Hosted by The Good Lab

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