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Wilson Tan

Managing Director

Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth Singapore (CSP SG)

Over two decades, Wilson has been a global business leader in various industries.

His unique experiences from alternate assets, to industrial, and to marketing communication showcase agility, broad thinking, and an embrace of diverse experiences and perspectives to thrive. Wilson led large-scale corporate development, launched a hedge fund, and advocates global peacemaking with a nonprofit. His multi-lateral experiences and broad network across domains enable him to build sustainable businesses in a changing world.

His focus at CSP Singapore is on capacity building and research and training to help wealth owners and wealth managers mobilize their capital, firms, and societal gravitas for sustainable development and impact investing.

Wilson holds an executive MBA from the Kellogg School of Management with an interest in International Finance, Strategic Marketing & Brand Management, and Strategies for Growth.
He is based in Singapore and has lived and worked in the U.S. and China.


Speaker Session

14.20- 15.30


Experts open with insights for participants to share their own experiences, challenges & approaches to 3 topics (choice of track): Leading Radical Transformation / Active Stewardship / Asia’s Brand of Impact.

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