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Jian Li Yew


Citrine Capital



Dedicating her career to impact investment, Jian is the Chief Executive Officer of Citrine Capital, an investment holding firm committed to the generation of both financial returns and health outcomes through multi-asset multi-horizon investment activities. She is also currently leading Malaysia’s National Advisory Board on Impact Investing. Previously, Jian was involved in several impact-orientated institutions, including non-profit entities, social enterprises and research centres. Her Bachelors’ Degree is in Biochemistry and Molecular Science at the University of Melbourne, and her Masters’ Degree is in International Development and Emerging Economies at King’s College London.

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13.45 - 14.25

Debate: Diverse Approaches to Competitive Return

Can impact investing generate risk-adjusted market rate return? Hear two perspectives from impact investors with different approaches, using proof points from their own portfolios. You will decide who is more persuasive.

At the nexus of “impact” and “market” return, we explore this classic conundrum by unpacking more nuanced angles around investor intent, time horizon, impact trade-offs, mixing asset classes to achieve portfolio target - plus your spontaneous questions to the debaters.

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