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Ronie Mak

Managing Director

RS Group

Hong Kong


Ronie leads the strategy, management and operations of RS Group’s activities in HK and globally. RS Group is a mid-sized HK-based family office committed to creating a paradigm shift in people’s values and priorities so that economic growth will support, instead of jeopardize, human development and environmental sustainability. Currently, she is driving RS Group’s work in climate and nature based solutions, deploying catalytic capital to support innovative solutions that protects and restores nature in Asia. Ronie also led the launch of the RS Group Impact Report in 2016, the incubation of the Sustainable Finance Initiative (SFi) in 2018 and the incubation of Terratai (Asia’s first venture builder for nature) in 2023. She is currently an Advisor to SFi and Board Chair of the GDI Asia.

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14.25 - 15.30 &
16.00 - 17.00

Thematic Clusters: Regions & Issues

Back by popular demand, we will break out into 12 table discussions - each exploring one theme or region. Choose from clusters such as Biodiversity, Sustainable Food, Oceans; spotlights on China or India; or delve into Active Ownership, Tackling Greenwashing or Operational Impact in family business. Hosted by subject experts, this is your time to share challenges, trade experience and meet collaborators for your journey.

Specialist Topic : Biodiversity & Nature-Based Solutions

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